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"I wish I could give this place 6 stars.  The customer service is top-notch, great selction of items.  Did I mention amazing customer service, which I find is becoming rarer and rarer these days.  The owners are actiive on social media, and are very responsive.  I will continue to use this business for my gaming and hobby needs." - Terry Spade (Google Reviews)
"This last week was my first time doing business with Herrick Games and Hobbies.  To say the least I was no more than super satisfied with them.  I've never put a review for a company before because I've always been too lazy but I had to give these guys a good review after the amazing service I was given ... every where else was charging twice what Herrick was.  Great company and will definitely be doing business with them in the future." - Lucas Fromyduval (Google Reviews)
"I've only been able to use their online store, but they have been wonderful to work with.  They included a hand written thank you letter with my orders (who even does that any more ?!?!), and have been very prompt with their shipments, even during COVID.  Also, one of the few places that I've found to carry the Artists Opus serries brushes, which are phenomenal for miniature painting." - Aurenis (Google Review)